Mark Tanner Portfolio is a website which allows users to create and share interactive chess lessons and puzzles.
Lessons are written in javascript, which wraps an interactive player written in dart.

Learn.64bitdragon is a website for publishing articles on science and mathematics.
Each topic is broken down into small independant blobs and can be linked to other blobs.
Articles are formed by showing the intended blob, along with all of the blobs necessary for understanding it.

DevTools.64bitdragon is a collection of browser-based programming tools for use by developers.
They include formatting CSS, HTML, SQL, JSON, and XML. As well as Base64 encode/decode and generating hashes for MD5/SHA1.

A sophisticated poker AI that can play texas hold'em. It is able to adjust its strategy based on the aggressiveness of other players at the table and can understand concepts such as position, bluffing, semi-bluffing, and continuation betting.
It is written in dart with the frontend in stageXL.

Tab player is able to parse a majority of guitar tabs and converts them into a side scrolling tab player. Users are able to change the playback speed and choose to repeat individual sections.

2048 Solver

2048 Solver is a program written in c# that can play 2048.
As well as being able to play the game, it uses computer vision techniques to read the current state of the grid from the screen.

Image Slideshow

Image Slideshow is a plugin for Google Chrome which scans a webpage for images and turns them into a slideshow.

Telnet Client

Telnet Client is a C# project which is able to communicate with servers over the telnet protocol.
It uses multi-threading to allow data to be both transmitted and received at the same time. It also emulates the VT220 computer terminal in order to parse graphical commands such as cbanging the text colour.

Network Proxy

Network Proxy is a program written in C# which redirects all traffic sent to a specific port on the host machine to a remote host and port.